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Shuhe Old Town



Several ancient towns dot Lijiang, and Shuhe is by far our favourite.  Conveniently located just a 5 minutes walk from our stay at Banyan Tree, this quiet little village is possibly the best preserved ancient town in Lijiang.  Small rickety houses line narrow streets bordered by softly gurgling streams.  The small streams funnel icy water from the snow-covered mountains, and are so clear that we can see the lush, green river grass growing underneath.  You will find locals chilling bottles of beers and sodas in these streams.  The nearby organic farms produce strawberries that tastes like liquid sunshine, and brought me back to my childhood sneaking ripe berries from my grandpa’s garden.  There are plenty of little cafes and eateries for visitors to meander through, and stop for a bite or a sip.

Distance: 500 meters from Banyan Tree Lijiang and 8 kilometers from Downtown, Lijiang

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