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Dongba Wedding Ceremony


Preparations of the wedding.
In Naxi Family courtyard of Lijiang Old Town, the bride is making up and putting on the Naxi traditional wedding dress, it is a great day because they will get married with local traditional Naxi Wedding.


Traditional Naxi Wedding ceremony in Lijiang Old Town

Escorting and welcoming bride ceremony in Yulong Bridge, this ceremony is very interesting and it consist of some local programs: folk dancing with bamboo flute music, lover’s songs antiphonal singing , guessing who is your bride, Mother’s singing to marry daughter out.


Set free the captured fishes in Sifang Square, collect the holy water from the Ayican Well.
Naxi people take the harmonious life between the nature and the human being as the idea life, setting free the captured fish means the life in the future will be more brilliant.

Tedding the crop seeds at the Dashiqiao Bridge. It means it shall be harvested every year after the marriage. The friends of the new couple dancing together to celebrate the marriage. Sedan carriage wedding ceremony in the Lijiang Old Town. Share happiness from the new couple and it makes our life more interesting

Entering the bride’s family courtyard ceremony
Washing hands and striding over the fire pit. 
Mother in law offer a cup of sugar tea, and daughter in law call the first time call “Mum” to mother in law.

Dressing the Naxi traditional dress and be the host of this family from now.

Wedding Day Gifts by mother in law.
Corset, Golden Key and Sugar water

Dongba Wedding ceremony
Welcome ceremony for God “Su”, "su" means soul, everyone has “Su”, the bride’s “su” is in the original family, from today, the Su God will send bride's “Su” to the groom’s family.
Five color threads tires the new couple’s thumbs, it means tires their souls together and they will be love forever.
Bamaba ceremony by Dongba Shaman, Dongba take little Yak butter to the new couple’s forehead, it means god bless them and good luck for the whole life.

Folk dancing and honey cakes party, bride and groom and friends dancing together and enjoy the nice time.


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