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Lashi Lake


 Lashi Lake Wetland reserve is located 10 kilometers south of Lijiang and makes a perfect day trip from there, it is 2500 meters above the ses level and it is a best place for horse-rding and canoning. It's altitude is at 2500 meters and the lake is well-known for its abundant bird life. You will find beautiful nature around it and see local fishermen fishing at the lake. The lake can be visited year round but best in good weather. The main activities you can do are taking a horseback riding tour which includes normally also a boating tour. Lashi Lake is a paradise for migrant birds and thousands of them stay here over winter every year. It is also the origin of the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

Despite being called Lashihai (Hai means sea), it is actually a lake cut off by Lashi Dam. Lashi is a word in ancient Naxi language, meaning a “new desolate dam”. The lake was formed in the Pliocene epoch and is around 5,330 hectares (20 square miles). It is on an altitude of about 2,437 meters (7,995 feet). Because of the lake, the wetland nature reserve was established in 1998.

Horseback riding at Lashi Lake
Guests get on our horses and off we went following the old tea routes. Through dense pine forest and along beautiful lakes and streams. The path is at certain points pretty steep so make sure you don’t fall off. At the top there is a beautiful view over Lake Lashi. After a small stop about halfway to give the horses some rest we continued back to the stables. En route you will see some people trying to sell stuff; just ignore them unless you want to buy something.

Canoeing and boating on Lake Lashi
After the horseback riding travelers will be brought by car to the shore where a 45 minute boating tour was included. You can buy freshly grilled fish on the lake from fishermen. Be sure to negotiate the price! My son went in a canoe instead of a boat. This was at a small extra fee of about 20 RMB. Not expensive at all. There are a few smaller activities like shooting with bow and arrow for kids around the area too.

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