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Lijiang Old Town and Wenhai Meadow Tour


Destination: Lijiang Old Town, Wenhai Valley
Distance: 30 Kilometers
Duration: 7 Hours
Transportation: Van and Walking
Best travel time: June to Octomber
Difficulties: AAAAA

Quotation of today: 600CNY per person

Wenhai Meadow

Located on the southern slope of Yulong (Jade Dragon) snow mountain at an elevation of around 3100m, Wenhai is an area of wetland some 25km west of  Lijiang,accessible by foot or horse or vehicle through a paved road. It is part of the Lashihai provincial level Alpine Wetlands Nature Reserve.

The rustic charm of Wenhai Village is enhanced by a seasonal lake, also named Wenhai. During the summer rainy season, the lake fills and endangered black storks and black-necked cranes, as well as many other migratory birds, fly in for the winter. In early spring, the waters drain into underground limestone caves, leaving a luxuriant bed of thick grass on which horses and cattle graze.

The unique climate and soil in the area nourished a variety of vegetations, including virginforests, shrubs and meadows. The area is also impressive for having an exceptional variety of rhododendrons. More than 20 of the world's 850 or more species bloom on the mountains in the late spring, and the hills were speckled with brilliant patches of purple, pink and white.

Even more gratifying was the view of Wenhai Village. The Naxi people build homes of wood and roof them with gray tiles. None of the uninspiring concrete buildings that so often mar Chinese landscapes are present. Instead, there are intricately carved gates and huge wooden racks used to hang barley to dry in the fall.

Wenhai Meadow

Lijiang Old Town is an intact ancient city inhabited mostly by Naxi ethnic people and covers and area of 3.8 square kilometers. It was listed to the world cultural heritage site on 1997. The Lijiang Old Town tour offers a quick experience of the Naxi culture, customs, architectural arts and history.Package includes:

Lijiang old Town

The Travel Schedule be recommended as this
09:00 Take a van to Wenhai Valley
10:00 Arrive at Wenhia Valley and walk around on the wenhai meadow, enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views if Wenhai..
12:00 Finish hiking at Wenhai meadow, then drivet to Guanfang hotel for lunch, the famous Yunnan food, Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles.
13:30 Continue our tour to Dayan Old Town.
16:00 Dayan Old Town sightseeing finished, then drive back to our hotel.

Package includes:

A private air-conditioned car, an experienced licensed driver, 1 lunch, entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary;a local experienced English-speaking guide and travel Agencies Liability Insurance and some bottle waters.

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