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Tye dye in Dali

Published time:2021-08-31 20:27Readers:


Origin: Dali City Xizhou town ZhouCheng village ( On the south side
Fabric : cotton cloth ( or Bai coarse soil texture )
Specifications :200X250Cm(Shrink before the standard size)
Crafts: Dali ZhouCheng entirely handmade tie-dyed , hand- drawing , printing plate,Tie sewing , dyeing and bleaching , washable , and many other processes in the system of equal grind refining
Dye:Natural plant Radix, ash , etc.

Yunnan Dali ZhouCheng unique tie-dye cloth.Auspicious flower pattern.Simple color.Strong national sentiment.Can be hung on the wall as a tapestry,Decorative painting,You can also make tablecloths tablecloth,With your mood and creativity be friends!!!Can be used as wallpaper.Curtain.You can also hang on the wall ornament oh.This color is rare oh,Shipping amount is not much , oh !
It is unique,Instantly add color to your home,Enhance the taste 
Tie-dye , called"Valerian dye pattern , commonly known as"Zhahua", Is an ancient printing crafts . Product use cotton , silk , cotton and other natural fibers as raw materials for the textile homespun folk billet, mainly indigo dye solution from natural plants growing on the hills very few blue , Radix, mugwort , etc., especially Radix . Pigments for dyeing extracts from natural plant roots , stems , leaves and bark . Its process can be divided into the design, the onyx , bar joints, dip, stitches, rinsing , the whole inspection and so on. Drawn generally common animal and plant images , landscapes and flowers , blue and white flowers. Its natural texture , color green , the image of elegance , drawing vivid, elegant style . And soft and comfortable next to the skin . Dali 's tie-dye poured artistic ingenuity folk artists in the production process , every piece of tie-dye product is a vivid artwork . Especially Dali ZhouCheng production tie-dye cloth and other tie-dyed cloth on the pattern is very different , and more generally of tie-dye pattern with irregular patterns, and other simple geometric composition, while ZhouCheng tie-dye pattern is drawn flora and fauna in the common image, such as bees , butterflies, plum blossom, birds, insects and mythological figures , beasts and so on. Blue and white pattern of a natural halo pattern, emerald green inner tube , dignified and elegant, vivid, layout fullness. Rigorous composition , mostly II party , party store sequential patterns in color , ZhouCheng more colorful than the usual tie-dyed tie-dye , rich and varied, more wash more clear , bright .


A silver reminder :
1 .Our family of tie-dye process is the use of pure natural plant dyes , no pollution and chemical residues , plant fiber ultrafine particles may be ups and downs in the fabric surface , so the first time you will be out cleaning the surface is a little bit floating color , close,Remember to wash clothes and other unitary separate!
2 .Previous cleaning, may be a little discoloration , but will not affect the true nature of tie-dye crafts , so please be separated by washing with cold water . Especially the first cleaning, must remember not to put too much water , add a little salt , the water just swept over the cloth to fit , soak for more than half an hour , it is recommended one hour , then rinse~You will find our house is more beautiful tie-dyed cloth .
3 .Because it is pure handicrafts , dimensions are in accordance with the time counted calico printing , each size can not be exactly the same after the shrink , Zhahua elastic unequal , dyeing temperature and moderate the day , the sun shades for each color dye color differences can occur , therefore our tie-dyed cloth color is very random , and the pro- shot when the stock chart and color may occur , we will be in accordance with the size and color you shoot , find the closest pattern send you go , I hope you can understand accept , if you are not satisfied for any reason , or do not like , do not apply for a refund , you can contact our customer service or aftermarket discuss solutions , we will immediately handle .
4 .Due to the special nature of our home production tie-dye process , to soak in water stained wait a long time , the process of the withdrawal line is easy to produce small holes, the process of dyeing is also prone to the phenomenon of color somewhat uneven , not defective or inferior , I hope not understand Debu appreciate tie-dye·Color dyeing processMMNot grudgingly , A silver handmade crafts only home they really know how to enjoy the tie-dye person.
5 .Remind you again , since the tie-dye crafts very long period of time , there are a lot of color randomness , some of the goods we do not have the shelf is to demand the order, if you do not ask you photographed payment , we have no color or pattern , we will choose the closest to your shipping patterns and colors , the pursuit of perfectionMMPlease , if you're , thank you, therefore pleaseMMBest to contact the owner before making and customer service .
Description :
Since the hand- dyed cloth without any real production of large factories, the largest production capacity are family workshops , and all gathered in the city of our week , and our family is the largest manufacturer , who said himself if there is a large manufacturing plant, that is false, because our collective ZhouCheng tie-dye plant , has long been gone. And do not just look at the price , because there are many kinds of cloth , fabric is different, different production costs, a penny stock . So to draw attention , we must carefully analyze the characteristics of the thing itself . Our committee for the protection of intangible cultural heritage , but also do a number of things , including the tie-dyed cloth to sell our house in the village setting of the village ZhouCheng network ( To help the promotion on our home village government is the only one designated tie-dyed cloth direct sales online shop.