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Impression Lijiang Show Booking


In peak season, the Impression Lijiang show is always overbooked, it is difficult to get the entrance ticket on the intra day of the show watching. If you want to watch the show, please contact us and send me your identity to William Wang at [email protected] , we will reserve for you  in advance.
The Impression Lijiang show and Snow Mountain tour are identification policy, during the tour, please bring your passport during your snow mountain tour.

How to pay and get your Impression Lijiang show entrance ticket?

After your ticket well booked, one e-ticket message will be sent to us, after your arriving to LIjiang, we will send this message to you, then with this message, the paper entrance ticket will be offered by the ticket office staff, then you can check in and watch the show.
For the travellers who stay in Banyan Tree Lijiang, please pay cash to us upon your arriving, or this fee can be charged to your room with 5% handling fee.
For the travellers who stay in other hotel of Lijiang, our staff will contact you and pay us as cashes, or e-pay by wechat or alipay.

How many times per day of the show and the time?

Normally there is only one show per day, the time is at 13:30 on the afternoon, it is unchangeable for everyday. But if more tourists booking, one show can not meet the booking situation, there will be one more show arranged on the day, the time will be 11:10AM, we can not know this information untill 12:00 one day earlier.

Every year, for then annual mantainence, the show will be out of service between Dec, 21st to Dec, 31st. It will be reopen on Jan, 1st of next year.

How about the price? What's the difference between VIP seats and ordinary seats?

The VIP seat is 346CNY per person, and the ordinary seat is 280RMB per person. 


The show theatre is in snow mountain , the show ticket quotation is only for the show entrance fee, it excludes the entrance fee of the snow mountain. For the tourists who watch the show, need to pay extra fee 130CNY per person for the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain entrance fee.

Show Ticket Booking, pls contact William Wang as following:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +86 13628882596

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