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Baojun 7 seats MPV


Why to choose this car?

A 7 seats comfortable new MPV from 2020.
With goverment issured tourims lincense.

Full travellers's insurance.
with a local experienced, knowledgable and friendly driver.
A nice car with large space, suitable for big luggages and tall people

Fair price for your trip:
Airport transfer: 120CNY PER WAY
Snow Mountain double way transfer: 300CNY
Lijiang train station pick up or drop off: 80CNY

Contact: William 13628882596


With china's transportation law, a car for tourists service must has a tourism license.

Before the license issures, the car and dirver must be passes the test by the goverment transport administration. only when the driver with a good driving skill and service skill, the car has full tourism insurance, then the car can get the tourism license.

In Lijiang scenic sites, there are some Lijiang transportation checking point to manage the Lijiang tourism transportation. If the car without the license is found by the staff, there will be a big trouble for your trip. The trip will be cancelled, the car will be taken away by the goverment staff, the driver will be funded a big money. Because it is illegal for tourism service without license.

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