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Shaxi Old Town & Shibao Mountain Grottoes Tour


Destination: Shaxi Old Town, Shibaoshan Grottoes
Distance: 130 Kilometers
Duration: 9 hours
Transportation: Vehicle
Difficuties: AAAAA
Best Travel Time: Suitable for the whole year
Price List

Pax Price (RMB/person) Remarks
1 1600  
2  1100  
3-5  850  
6-9  750  

Enjoying the ancient history of Tea Horse Road, the only suviving marktet town in the south silk road, experience the history of Dali Kingdom and Religeon cultures of Han buddism.

Shaxi has agreeable climate, beautiful natural scenery and rich natural resources, which make it a place where the temperature is never too high or too low, and the water is greenish-blue and bluish-green. Shaxi Old Town, as one of the world's 100 most endangered sites listed by the World Monuments Fund is a place where you can breathe in fresh air around-the-clock.
Stone Treasure Mountain and the Friday Market are the two most popular tourist attractions in Shaxi Town.

Shaxi Old Town

Tea Horse Bridge

08:00 Leave to Shaxi Old Town.
10:00 Arrive at the Shaxi Old Town, walking around at there, visit the old stage, tea horse bridge and old street.
12:00 Lunch is Shaxi Old Town.
13:00 Drive to Shibaoshan Mountain.

13:30 Arrive at Shibaoshan Mountain, visit the Grottoes and learn about the religeon culture and histories.
15:00 Finish sightseeing and drive back to Lijiang.
17:00 Arrive the hotel you stay.

Shibaoshan Grottoes

Stone Bell Temple, first built in Nanzao Kingdom. Up to the present, 16 grottoes distributed over the Lion Pass, Shadengqing and the Stone Bell Temple have been discovered and there are 139 statues in them.A wide range of subject matters are featured in the grottos, including political life of the Nanzhao Dynasty (738-902), Buddhist figures and religious beliefs of the Kingdom of Dali. The grottos here were listed into the first batch of China's historic and cultural sites in 1961. A total of 16 grottos and 139 sculptures were open to the public so far, the earliest carvings date back to the Tang and Song Dynasties while the latest ones are carvings of the Ming Dynasty.

Package inclusive:
A private air-conditioned car, an experienced licensed driver, 1 lunch, entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary;a local experienced English-speaking guide and travel Agencies Liability Insurance and some bottle waters.

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