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Snow Mountain Yak Meadow Hike


Yak meadow 

Destination: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Ganhaizi Meadow, Yak Meadow, Baisha Old Town
Distance: 32 Kilometers
Duration: 8 hours
Transportation: Vehicle
Difficulties: AAAA
Best Travel Time: Suitable for the whole year

Price List for Snow Mountain Yak Meadow Hike

Pax Price (RMB/person) Remarks
1  1260  
2  780  
3-5  680  
6-9  580  

Tour Description:

Yak Meadow got its name because the local people like to pasture their Yak here. In spring and summer, Yaks with black and white skin wander in grass and all kinds of flowers. In autumn and winter, the mild edge of th meadow becoms a sharp contrast with the peaks of the snow mountain.


Yak Meadow

Yak Meadow in Winter

Yak Meadow Cable Cars

In summer, the meadow is dotted with blossom and yaks, presenting the most beautiful and peaceful scenery. From the Yak Meadow, the 13 peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are visible.


Hiking Trails

Yak Meadow in winter times

Yak Meadow in summer times

High latitude and wide meadow give you a board view. Looking down at Ganhaizi, Yunshanping Meadow and continuous mountains, you will find that the snow mountain is so close to you. Clouds circle around the waist of mountain. Cool wind gently blows on your face. All the things here are so peaceful and beautiful. It is the best place for snow mountain’s panoramic view.
Travel Schedule:
09:00 Depart to snow mountain.

09:40 Arrive at the Ganhaizi Meadow, enjoy the panoramic view of the Snow Mountain.
10:30 Get on the shuttle bus which take us to the cable car station in 30 minutes.


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Shuttle Bus


11:00 Arrive at the cable car station and get on the cable car to the Yak Meadow.
11:20 Walk around the Yak meadow for 1 hour and enjoy  the panaroma view of the  Jade Dragon Mountain, grassland and forests.
12:30 Return to the Parking lot and take the Public bus to the Snow Kitchen Restaurant, enjoy the Blue Moon Valley view in the bus.

13:00 Have Chicken Hot Pot  lunch at Snow Kitchen restaurant .


Chicken Hotpot lunch in Snow Kitchen VIP Room 

14:00 Drive to the world heritage site, Baisha Old Town.
14:30 Walking around in Baisha village, experience the history, culture and some hand-crafts.


Baisha Village

16:00 Back to hotel.
What to bring: Camera, hat, sunscreen, comfortable clothing & some money to purchase any memorable items.

Package includes:

A private air-conditioned car, an experienced licensed driver, 1 lunch, entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary;a local experienced English-speaking guide and travel Agencies Liability Insurance and some bottle waters.

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