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Tiger Leaping Gorge 1 day hike


Destination: Lijiang,Tiger Leaping Gorge
Distance: 100 Kilometers from Lijiang downtown
Duration:  9 hours, the trekking time is 5 hours roughly.
Hike distance: 10 kilometers
Transportation: car
Difficulties: AAAAA

One Day Trekking Price List:
Pax Price (RMB/person) Remarks
1  1500  
2  900  
3-5  800  
6-9  700  

Tiger Leaping Gorge in China is believed to be the deepest gorge in the world. The mountains on either side of the Tiger Leaping Gorge reach over 5,596 m at their highest point, looking down to the Yangtzee River running through it below.

The dramatic scenery and relaxed hike along the high path through the rural villages of the Naxi minority people make this a very enjoyable travel adventure to have in China.The trail starts at Qiaotou and most people finish where the high and low road meet at Tina’s guesthouse, Walnut Grove.

The gorge can be divided in to three parts, upper gorge, middle gorge and lower gorge, for one day hike, we choose the beautiful parts, middle gorge and upper gorge. This hike lasts round 4 hours, walking 10 kilometers distance totally.

The English speaking tour guide and driver will pick up you from your hotel, then we will make the 2 hours drive to Tiger Leaping Gorge. Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the world's deepest gorges, and is tucked in between Jade Dragon now Mountain and Haha Mountain. At a length of 26km. It is on the way from Lijiang to Shangri-La in Southwest China‘s’ Yunnan Province. There is a huge stone in the center of the river, rumors that a tiger once leaped from Yulong Snow Mountain to Haba Snow Mountain by jumping on it, which contributes to the name of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Tiger Leaping gorge  is considered one of China’s best hikes. It isn’t very strenuous except for the initial climb along a series of switchbacks near the entrance to the gorge. If one walks the trail slowly, takes advantage of the accommodations and is in good shape, the inns and hotels for backpackers along the way make the trek comfortable.

It is strenuous if you attempt to do the whole thing too quickly however. The scenery is spectacular, and backpackers generally say that it is worth it. Though it is one of China's popular trails, it is not crowded. Mainly foreigners, Americans, Europeans, and Israelis, take the high path above the river. Few Chinese tourists hike it, though you will see the native people using the route and grazing their animals. So it isn't a crowded tourist pathway. According to what some people say, you may pass about one group of hikers each hour.

At the mouth of the upper gorge, squeezed by the two snow-capped mountains and further blocked by the huge Tiger Leaping Boulder, the Golden Sand River is only 25 meters in width. The water there makes violent whirlpools and hits the banks so powerfully that soaring breakers are created. This really makes boating treacherous. However the high waves, soaring water, and the mountains shrouded with clouds and mist constitute the most magnificent scenes of the gorge and attract numerous brave explorers.

Hiking Schedule:
Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Half Way Guest House (2.5 hours driving) - Half Way Guest House - Guanyin Water Falls (1 hour hiking) - Tina's Guest House (1.5 Hours Hiking) - Lunch at Tina's Guest House (1 hour) - Drive to Upper Gorge - Walk down to the bottom of the Gorge & Sightseeing (1 hour) - Back to Lijiang (2 hours) 

GuanYin Pu Water Falls in the high trail


Lunch Time

Package includes:

A private air-conditioned car, an experienced licensed driver, lunch, entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary;a local experienced English-speaking guide and travel Agencies Liability Insurance and some bottle waters.

Warm Remindings:

No ATM in the gorge, please take some cashes for your expenses.


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