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Tiger Leaping Gorge 2 days hike


Destination: Lijiang,Tiger Leaping Gorge
Distance: 100 Kilometers
Duration: 2 days. the trekking time is 6 hours roughly per day.
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year

Price list of Tiger Leaping Gorge 2 days trekking

Pax Price (RMB/person) Remarks
1  1900  
2  1400  
3-5  1100  
6-9  800  

At a maximum depth of approximately 3,790 meters (12,434 feet) from river to mountain peak, Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the deepest and most spectacular river canyons in the world.The inhabitants of the gorge are primarily the indigenous Naxi people, who live in a handful of small hamlets. Their primary subsistence comes from grain production and hikers, foreign as well as Chinese.The gorge is regarded as one of the top ten hiking trails in China. At the mouth of the upper gorge, squeezed by the two snow-capped mountains and further blocked by the huge Tiger Leaping Boulder, the Golden Sand River is only 25 meters in width. The water there makes violent whirlpools and hits the banks so powerfully that soaring breakers are created. This really makes boating treacherous. However the high waves, soaring water, and the mountains shrouded with clouds and mist constitute the most magnificent scenes of the gorge and attract numerous brave explorers.


 Day 1: Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Tea Horse Guest House (, 6-7 hours of hiking)
Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the world's deepest gorges, and is tucked in between Jade Dragon now Mountain and Haha Mountain. Tiger Leaping Gorge is a scenic Cayon in the Jinsha River, a primary tributary of the upper Yangtze River. It is located 100 kilometres (37 mi) north of Lijiang City, Yunnan in southwestern China It is part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas World Heritage Site.
In the morning, you will be greeted by our professional guide and driver at the lobby of your hotel at the appointed time. After picking you up, we will have a comfortable ride to Qiaotou Town to start this 2-day hiking tour to Tiger Leaping Gorge. During the journey, our guide will give you a brief introduction about the Tiger Leaping Gorge lying between the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain. Famous as one of the deepest canyons in China, this gorge attracts a lot of hikers every year.

Upon arrival, the guide will lead you to trek along the mountain road uphill. En route, you can not only see lofty mountains and high ranges covered with lush verdant trees, but also have a panoramic view of the spectacular landscape of the precipitous Tiger Leaping Gorge. After 2.5 hours’ hiking, we will reach at a local family of Naxi nationality. Located on the hillside, it is a good place for tourists to take a little break.

 After having lunch with the Naxi family, we will continue the Lijiang 2 days tour to the Tea Horse Guesthouse. During the next 4-hour hiking, you will be guided to pass through the 28 Bends, the views there are remarkable. The top here is 2670 meters above sea level. It would be challenging to trek through because mountain road of this section is very narrow and of a steep slope. We will also pass by the upper section of the Tiger Leaping Gorge on the way. After arriving at the summit, we will go along a gentle path to the Tea Horse Guesthouse. You can shower, have a replenishing dinner of the local cuisine, and get a good night's sleep.Check in the hostel and then have your dinner. 

Trekking View

High Trail View of Tiger Leaping Gorge


 Day 2: Tea Horse Guest House-Half Way Guest House-Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge-Tina's Guest House, 5-6 hours of hiking)
Today, after further exploring the village, we will begin hiking to Half Way Guest House(2.5hours hiking ) and hike down to Tina's Guest House (about 2 Hours) passing through Guanyin waterfall and canyons on the way. 
The path between the two hostels is relatively gentle so that you can have a nice glimpse of the enchanting scenery and hear the roaring river slapping against both sides of gorge on the way.

After having lunch at the Halfway Guesthouse, we will go on to trek for 1.5 hours or so downhill to Tina’s Guesthouse. Along the way, we will go through some forests and villages and see streams and waterfalls shaded by unknown beautiful flowers and plants. We will get on the highway from Tina’s Guesthouse and transfer back to Qiaotou Town.

Your 2 days Lijiang trip will draw to an end here. Then you will be escorted back to your hotel in downtown Lijiang. Hope you have a nice trip and we are looking forward to traveling with you again!

Package includes:

A private air-conditioned car, an experienced licensed driver, 2 lunches, entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary;a local experienced English-speaking guide, hotel fees in the gorge, travel Agencies Liability Insurance and some bottle waters.


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