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Impression Lijiang Show


Impression Lijiang show

Lijiang Impression Show (印象*丽江) is a one hour show that is performed in an open air theatre. It was designed by acclaimed film director Zhang Yimou, and the main director and staff are from the same group that presents the Impression Sanjie Liu at Yangshuo. The show is performed against the backdrop of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, at an altitude of over 3100 meters (10,170 ft). Unlike other Impression Shows in China, which are performed at night, Lijiang Impression Show is presented during the day, which provides a different experience, still on a grand scale that relies on a precision performance and presentation rather than using lights for effect.

The show debuted on July 23, 2006. It consists of six episodes and the major themes are Impression Snow Mountain. All 500 actors in the show are drawn from local villages, representing 10 ethnic minorities with their unique and colorful costumes, presenting their traditional song and dance and cultural traditions. The advanced water engineering and haze effects provide an amazing visual feast.

  • Add: Ganhaizi Meadow, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province (20 kilometers away to Lijiang Downtown)
  • Show time: 
  • A If there is only one time of the show in one day, the show time is: 13:30-14:35
  • B: If there are 2 times of the show in one day, then the show time is following:
  •     The 1st show: 12:50-13:55
  •     The 2nd show: 14:20-15:25
  • Price: Ordinary ticket 280 Yuan/person, VIP ticket 346RMB/person
  •   Tour Idea: Tailor-make a trip to Lijiang inluding this show
  • Remarks:
  • 1、The impression Lijiang show management has the rights to determine 1 or 2 times show on the intraday with the booking situation. We can get to know the detail one day in advance.
  • 2、The quotation of the Impression Lijiang show only includes the show ticket, it excludes the transportation expenses and the Snow Mountain entrance fee. The show is in the snow mountain, and it is needed to pay 130RMB per person extra for the snow mountain entrance fee to watch the show.
  • How to book the show tickets?
  • Please contact William who is the Tour and Trek clerk of Banyan Tree Lijiang, he can book the show tickets for you. Please let him know the show date, ordinary ticket or VIP ticket and show time. Then he will book it for you before your arriving at Banyan Tree Lijiang, then you only need to get a e-ticket number from him, with this e-ticket number to get the show ticket at the show theatre, then you can check in and watch it.
  • William's email:
  • William's phone: +86 13628882596



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