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Romantic Show Lijiang



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VIP Seats: 290RMB/Pax
Ordinary Seats: 280RMB/Pax

With the unimaginable high technology and stage forms, the Romantic Show of Lijiang presents the pious respect and praise for life in the Genesis of Nakhi People, the romantic minds of the girls in Kingdoms of Females near the Lugu Lake, the prosperity and harmony of Mufu, the breathtaking legend of the Horse Caravan, the pathetic last song for life in the Third Kingdom of Yulong.
Preface:Nakhi Genesis
The Nakhi nationality is an ancient and wise nationality having created splendid Dongba civilization in formidable living environment.
Scene I:Kingdom of Female in Lugu
Mosuo people living here is a branch of Nakhi nationality, being the only ethnic group in the world with matriarchy remaining.

Scene II:Legend Horse Caravan

The glory of Lijiang is the glory of the horse caravans.For thousands of years, the earth-shattering legend of the horse caravans has been staged on the rugged tea and horse ancient path every day; and this day, the horse caravans undertaking the transportation task of the royal court and Mufu is ready to go!

Scene III:Revived Ancient Tea Route

Today, as a unique transfer center on the Ancient Tea Route, Lijiang embraces new prosperity with gatherings of the Han people and minorities as well as numerous merchants. Beautiful melodies of traditional Chinese instruments are heard everywhere with graceful dances and joyous songs.

Scene IV:Third Kingdom of Jade Dragon

The Nakhi nationality is a nationality upholding love and freedom. In the process of changing from “Walking Marriage” to “Arranged Marriage”. This nationality has paid a heavy price for love.


End:Searching for Shambhala

Today, people all around the world gather here, looking for the Shambhala in their hearts.


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