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Lijang travel guide | Shangrila| Lijiang | English speaking driver| Dali attractions

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Top 6 things to do in Dali

Published time:2021-09-15 16:55Readers:

Dali, as one of the top tourist cities in Yunnan Province, has an indescribable charm of no matter profound history, colorful culture, or magnificent natural landscapes. The moderate climate and changeable sceneries offer you all kinds of beautiful views whenever you visit. What to do in Dali? Here we pick the top 6 things to do in Dali in order to help you find out the best things you should do and enjoy the best of Dali.
1.Explore local life in Dali Ancient City
Dali Ancient City, located at the foot of Mt. Cangshan, is the core area of history and culture in Dali which must be on the top of your Dali visiting list. Dali Ancient Town has been well-preserved for more than 1,000 years, the distinctive architectural style influenced by Bai ethnic culture makes it so out of ordinary compared to other traditional Chinese ancient towns.
Just slow down your pace and enjoy every minute inside the ancient town, you could easily get close to the local culture and experience the local life by walking on the stone-paved old streets among characteristic building around you. Go to the Foreigner’s Street to seek for something fun, try local food along the street, stop by the gift shops for somethings special, there are too many things you can do in Dali Ancient Town.
Dali Ancient City
2.Go cycling around Erhai Lake
Erhai Lake is one of the most representative symbols of Dali, it is believed to be the mother lake for Bai people in Dali. Moon above Erhai Lake enjoys the fame of one of the four famous views in Dali, for the moon and stars above the lake look bigger and brighter than any other places. What makes Erhai Lake even beautiful must be the clouds, the ever-changing clouds inflect on the pure clean lake and create a picturesque scene for you to explore.
Go cycling around Erhai Lake to discover the beauty of the amazing Erhai Lake will be one of the top things you should do in Dali, bikes and motor bikes are all available to rent. Or you can take a boat on the Erhai Lake to enjoy a leisure time while appreciating the great scenery.
Erhai Lake
3.Enjoy the gorgeous sunset at Shuanglang
Shuanglang Town is a small village by the northeast side of Erhai Lake. If you consider the best view of Dali is Mt. Cangshan and Erhai Lake, then views in Shuanglang is what you are expecting the most from both Mt. Cangshan and Erhai Lake. It’s more than enjoyable to choose a hotel near the lake and just enjoy your time. What you shouldn’t miss is the sunset, Yuji Island and Nanzhao Island are the best spots to enjoy the grand view of sunset of Erhai Lake.
Sunset of Erhai Lake
Sunset of Erhai Lake
4.Catch the glamor of Mt. Cangshan
Mt. Cangshan is another representative symbol of Dali. Covered by snow on the mountain top the whole year, Mt. Cangshan shows its glamor all year round, except for the white snow on the top, the changeable clouds above the mountain and numerous natural streams running down the mountain add more attractive features to the whole beautiful picture of Mt. Cangshan. You could either take the cableway or go hiking to enjoy the splendid view of Mt. Cangshan.
Cableway of Mt.Cangshan
Cableway of Mt.Cangshan
5.Experience Bai ethnic culture at Xizhou Bai Houses
Xizhou Bai Houses, a famous historical and cultural ancient town in the north part of Dali, has a long history of more than a thousand years, ancient buildings of the Bai houses here have been through a long period of time which can be dated back to Ming Dynasty. It’s a great chance for you to appreciate specific architectures and experience Bai ethnic culture here in Xizhou Bai Houses.
Regardless of traditional Bai houses and the beautiful sceneries along the Erhai Lake, food will be another reason for you to pay a visit. Don’t forget to taste Xizhou Baba there, it is a kind of crispy bread from Xizhou Town. You could also experience the Three-Course Tea, which is the most impressive way of Bai people to welcome their guests.
Xizhou Bai Houses
Xizhou Bai Houses
6.Visit Three Pagodas
Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Monastery should be put on your must-do list for Dali. As the Forbidden City in Beijing shows the long history of ancient China, Three Pagodas also play an important role in the history and culture of Dali. The best way to admire Three Pagodas is to take a panorama view from a distance. Reflection Park of Three Pagodas can also be considered, for you could watch the reflection of the majestic Three Pagodas on the pure lake water.