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The best time to visit Dali

The best time to visit Dali is right from Mar to Oct, from the early springtime to the mid-autumn period. With a moderate climate, Dali is friendly to tourists who could not quickly adapt the weather in China.
What to Pack to Dali
Since there is no too much changeable weather in different season in Dali, the clothing you packed can be the same from spring to the mid-autumn. Actually, a lot of days in Dali are generally nice and comfortable. The day-to-day temp variation is typically greater than the seasonal variation in temp, which will require layered clothes, or jackets and sweaters earlier each morning and some warm clothing for cooler nights.
Dali is situated in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, when you take a trip here, make sure to take a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion to avoid damage from the powerful ultraviolet radiation.
best time to visit dali - dali ancient town
Travel to Dali in Spring
Spring (Apr - Jun) in Dali is recommended to go. When in spring is at complete swing and all of nature is apparently along the way of revival; and also trees and blossoms in this gardening area tend to be green and in full blossom.
Have some leisure days in Dali Ancient Town without too much sightseeing arrangement, you can relax yourself in this early spring days and have a good beginning of the year.
best time to visit dali - dali ancient town
Travel to Dali in Summer
Summer (Jul to Sep) in Dali is in its rainy season. But because of the not obvious temperature difference from the spring time, it is too much heat in Summer. It is better to pay attention to the strong sun light which may cause tourists discomfort on the skin.
It is the rainy season in Dali so it is better to take the water-proof tool along with you.
Summer is also a period for Dali ethnic people festivals. You may have chance to take apart in one or some of the festivals if your travel time is suitable. Xizhou Bai Ethnic House can be considerate to experience the Yunnan minority culture.
best time to visit dali - dali ancient town
Travel to Dali in Autumn
Autumn (Sep to Nov) in Dali is a cool season and also a high season for Chinese domestic tourist. During this period, tourists should be careful about the temperature difference in daytime and nighttime. Short-sleeve cloths in day and a jacket at the nigh will be better.
 Climbing Mt. Cangshan and cruise in Erhai Lake may be more suitable in this season.
It is also a golden time to have a Yunnan tour including Kungming, Lijiang, Dali, and Shangri-La
best time to visit dali - erhai lake
Travel to Dali in Winter
Winter (Dec to Feb) in Dali is a dry season with the strong sunshine. There is no long-time severe cold climte in Dali. It is more like a late autumn than a winter in Dali. But because of its geographic location, Dali may also experience some sudden bad weather such as frozen, windy, ect.
It is a low travel season so that hotel rates are comparative lower than the other months of the year.
best time to visit dali - erhai lake




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