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Travel Warm Tips

The Telephone Codes

When calling China from overseas, the country code is 0086 Hong Kong’s code is 00852 and Macau 00853

Uuseful Numbers

Ambulance 120
Fire 119
Police 110
International directory assistance 114


There are many different scale banks in China, it is more convenient to find in major cities and a bit difficult in countryside. The service is much better than before but still need to work harder ,especially the foreign currency business and oral English ability. The business hours nomally from 9am to 5pm every day .

Exchange money

There are about three ways to exchange money if you bring cash :

one, there are some “money changer” counters in most of the airports, you can change the money quickly, but the rate or service charge is not very good .

two, banks in city , the exchange rate is nearly the same in different bank, you can just ignore it and go to the nearest one with your passport . when you get to bank, the reception will ask what kind of business you need and help to print out a piece of paper with number on it , your number will be called and displayed to inform you which counter to go . it can be very busy sometimes in every bank .

three,hotel reception, you can exchange money at most of the four star or five star hotels, hotel will send the money to Bank of China finally, just in order to avoid the potential risk , the hotel may refuse some deficient bills, usually , the hotel carry out the Bank of China rate.

If you bring traveler cheque, please just go to Bank of China to exchange with passport.


Most of ATMs accept international cards,limit of withdrawing is different from different banks’ ATM.. The service charge will be collected by your bank , please consult to your bank about the daily limit of withdrawing.

Credit cards

Travel in China,credit cards such as : Visa,Master,American Express,JCB and Dinners are acceptable, you can use it in most of the shopping mall,department store,four star or five star hotels and some of the bigger restaurants , service charge is around 4% 


At the airport , there are some illegal taxies , when you jump into the car , they will charge you a very high price on the way to city . you can find the legal taxi by the airport indication, in every official taxi , there is a “taxi” sign and meter, a receipt will be printed at the end . Ask driver to use the meter and keep the receipt ,otherwise just change another taxi, do not bargain the price(unless you know the exact cost). Toll fee and gas tax will be paid by the passenger which are not displaied on the meter.


When travel in China , to be on the safe side , please always drink the bottle water or boiled water. Tap water is no problem to wash face,hands and brush teeth.


Coffee or tea invatation

In the walking street or some fancy shopping areas, you may meet some “friendly” students talk to you , tell you that they just want to improve their English and they can show you around , at the end, they will take you to a coffee shop or tea house , when you pay for the bill , you will find out that the price is extremly high and you are being overcharged. Be aware that always ask price first .

Fake money

There are pedlars everywhere in every scenic spot,when you buy something from them, sometimes some of them will give you fake change , which is very difficult to recognize. Or instead of RMB, they return you the similar looking foreign currency, its value is unworthiness at all. It is better give them the small money or check the change carefully .



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