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Transportation in Dali City


Dali is a city of Yunnan province in China. It is famous for its beautiful landscape and minority amorous feelings. The most representative attractions in churchyard are butterfly spring, Erhai Lake, Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, etc. It has a well-developed transportation system; you can get there by plane, train and long-distance bus. All of them offer great convenience to visitors.
Getting there
◎By Plane
The only airport of Dali is Dali Airport. It is situated in the border of Fengyi town and Haidong township, about 12 kilometers from downtown Dali. There are many flights will be sent to Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Guangzhou and other places, the flights details are as the following: 
Dali to Kunming, everyday has flights, sailing time is about 40 minutes, and ticket price is range from 260CNY to 980CNY.
Dali to Xishuangbanna, everyday has flights, sailing time is about 50 minutes, and ticket price is range from 170CNY to 690CNY.
Dali to Guangzhou, daily flight, the departure time at 4:20 PM, sailing time is about 3 hours, and ticket price is range from 600CNY to 2000CNY.
Tips: You can go to airport by bus7 in urban, or go to taking a taxi, price about 80CNY.
◎By Train
Dali railway station is located in Yunling Avenue of east new town. Every day there are 4 trains sent to Kunming railway station, drive time is: 10:10, 21:40, 22:20, and 23:00, respectively. Time of arrival at Kunming is: next day's 16:43, 06:13, 06:31, and 07:41, respectively. Travel 359 kilometers, the hard seat ticket price is about CNY 70 yuan.
Tips: You can go to railway station by bus7, bus10, bus11 in urban.
◎By Bus
Currently, Dali has 3 long-distance bus stations and a starting place, namely: Dali bus station, Xiaguan bus station, Dayun bus station and Dali bus departure place of Ancient city. Dali bus station is the largest long distance bus station in Dali, situated in the No.21, jianshe Road, across from the minsheng shopping square. There are many long distance buses will be sent to Kunming, Lijiang, Liuku, etc. At the same time there also have long distance buses for other provinces.
Getting Around
◎By bicycle
Bicycle is a very popular way to get around the city. You can rent bicycle at the side of Camellia japonica hotel which located at Boai road of Dali Old Town, the rental is CNY 10 to 12 Yuan/day, need guarantee deposit.
◎By Bus
Bus is a very convenient way to get around the city. There are plenty of public buses running to every corner of the city. Among them, bus4 (from the bus company to Dali south gate and north gate), bus8 (from the railway station to east gate of Dali and west gate of Dali), can drive to Dali directly in 30 minutes, ticket price is 1.5 Yuan.
◎By Taxi
Taxi is also a good way to travel around. The starting fare of taxi is 6 Yuan, add 2 Yuan per kilometer.
◎By Boat
Cruise trip in Erhai Lake is very popular with and a must-do thing for tourists who come to Dali. One can visit Erhai Lake by boat beginning at around 09:00 every morning. To get the cruise dock, visitors can take Bus No.6 from Xiaguan and Bus No.2 from the Ancient City. 




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