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The best travel time to Shangrila


The best time to visit Shangri-la is from March to October. In the former six months from Mar to Aug, Shangri-La is colored with flowers. In the latter two months from Sep, Shangri-La is in its harvest time and painted by the golden color. What to Pack The varied and unsettled temperature in Shangri-La asks tourists to take some warm clothes even in the Aug. And the ultraviolet radiation here is very strong so wear a sunhat and sunglasses. Ladies, especially, shouldn't forget to use sun block. About the Altitude Stress Once arriving in Shangri-La, you might have altitude stress: lack of breathing, chest tightness and hard to get sleep. At this time, you mustn't do physically demanding activity or drink alcohol but needs to have an effective relax and preserve warm.

Travel to Shangri-la in spring Spring (Apr to Jul) in Shangri-La, you will see the bloom in excess of A HUNDRED AND SIXTY kinds of rhododendrons, competing together in a ocean of amazing colors, yellows, reds, white, purples of each hue. It's the ideal time to appreciate the bio-diversity of the scenery in Shangri-la.

Potatso National Park is in its most charming time during spring. It is a splendid picture painted by the nature. Photographers may regard it as the paradise to catch some amazing photos.

Travel to Shangri-la in summer Summer (May to Sept) in Shangri-La: it is the best period to savor the vibrant meadows in Shangri-la; to appreciate the blossom planked mountain range and areas and to come in feel with this fairyland embraced by human beings, wildlife and nature. As it is mentioned in a Chinese proverb: “to take pleasure in the scene of the prairies blown with a soft wind as you're watching the cattle and sheep striding...”

Meili Snow Mountain in this season is decorated by colorful surroundings. Appreciating snow scene in Summer can be got in Shangri-La

You can also plan a trip to Tibet including Shangri-La since summer is the best time to Tibet as well.

Travel to Shangri-la in autumn Autumn (Sept to Oct) in Shangri-La is high season to see Shangri-la when it is colored by golden Fall; to be swallowed with the alpine Fall landscapes, specifically the Longflower Stringbush, or alpine red-colored flower in full bloom with the blue sky and drifting white-colored clouds, sewing a wonderful Autumn picture.

A tour including Songzanlin Lamasery, Napa Lake, Dukezong Ancient Town can be considered about. This is a traditional Shangri-La tour for tourists to choose.

Travel to Shangri-la in winter Winter (Nov to the next Apr) in Shangri-la however differs from one place to another abounding along with natural change; the Mingyong Glacier winds its way high and low, Kawagebo Peak glitters with the dawn light, primeval forested acres wears a plain silver outfit, the prairies turn silver white, very easily leading one into a relaxation on the planet defined in the Winter’s Fairy Tale.

Because of the snow mountain, the winter in Shangri-La is colder. Feather coat and thick coat should be packed.




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