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Welcome to Lijiang




Dear Guests,

Welcome to Lijiang! We would like to invite you to experience “The Pearl of Western China” at Banyan Tree Lijiang. The enchanting city of Lijiang offers cultural thrills of Lijiang Old Town, a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site, the sights of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge are waiting to be explored. Lijiang occupies 20.6 thousand square kilometers, and is home to 23 nationalities with a population of 1.3 million. It is often said of Lijiang that “the minorities come together to create a unique culture”. Lijiang, whose name is derived from the longest river in China, the magnificent Yangtze River, is a draw with its beautiful scenery and myriad of cultures. Join us at Banyan Tree Lijiang, and let us bring you on a journey of breathtaking scenery and traditional local minorities’ customs. 

Begin your journey of discovery with our treks, which can be undertaken either on car, foot or horseback. An experienced guide will escort you on all tours, providing professional commentary on Lijiang’s scenery, Dongba religion, village lifestyle and local minorities’ architecture and art.


We hope you enjoy every moment of your stay at Lijiang and appreciate receiving your feedback and wish you will have a nice stay with us.


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