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Yunnan 7 days tour

Published date: 2022-06-02


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-Yak Meadow-Blue moon Valley
Overnight in Lijiang
Duration: 6 hours roughly

Morning our English speaking tour guide pick you up from your hotel then drive about 40 minutes to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, enjoy the scenery of the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. We will take cable car to the Yak Meadow, the best place to view the panorama scenery of it, then have a nice hiking at there, then we will take the shuttle bus to Blue moon valley which consists of 5 different blue lakes. After that, we will back to Lijiang city and finish our tour.  


Lijiang-Shibao Mountain-Shaxi Old Town-Shuanglang village
Overnight in Shuanglang village, Dali
Duration: 7 hours roughly

Shibao Mountain is 70 kilometers to Lijiang city and just on the way to Dali. Here, evergreen trees, elegant temples, superb and exquisite grottoes and the scenery in general are attractive. The grottos here were listed into the first batch of China's historic and cultural sites in 1961. A total of 16 grottos and 139 sculptures were open to the public so far, the earliest carvings date back to the Tang and Song Dynasties while the latest ones are carvings of the Ming Dynasty.

Shaxi Old Town.Shaxi Old Town has (aka Shaxi Ancient Village) a long history that can be traced back to the the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods (770BC -221BC), and it is the only one surving market town in the ancient Tea Horse Road.

It is around 1.5 hours driving from Shaxi to Shuanglang village and we can overnight at there.


Shuanglang village-Erhai Lake-Dali Old Town
Overnight in Dali
Duration: 6 hours roughly


Shuanglang, a fishing village with a history of over one thousand years, facing the Erhai Lake and connecting with the Jizu Mountain, Shuanglang always offer people with its most charming scenery. Wondering through the cobblestone-paved streets filled with old dwellings of Bai people, tourists can not only be treated with pristine scenery but also a sense of peace.

Erhai Lake: Covering an area of 251 square kilometers, the second largest lake in Yunnan. The peaks of Cangshan Mountain are often mirrored in the lake, making majestic scenery. It would be a great pity if people traveling to Dali without going for a boat ride in the lake.
Dali Old Town is one of Dali's Three Ancients-ancient city, ancient pagoda and ancient steles. History of Dali can be dates back to 1382 during the Ming Dynasty and it has been listed among the top historic cities of China.


Xizhou Town-Yans Mansion-Lijiang-Baisha old town
overnight in Lijiang
Duration: 7 hours roughly

The ancient town of Xizhou, a community consisting mainly of the ethnic Bai people, is noted as one of the cradles of Dali’s culture, and has nourished a lot of Dali merchants. Going back as early as the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the town of Xizhou also served as the cradle of the industry and commerce of the Bai people.


The Yan Mansion is a typical Bai folk architecture,the courtyards are well preserved. The bricks, beds, chairs, plaques, and windows are all over a century old. The residence is a perfect combination of Bai folk architecture and the culture of China’s Central Plains, the region which formed the basis of the Chinese civilization.

Baisha Old Town: One of the 3 famous old towns in Lijiang, it i also the heritage site place, the old architecture here reflects the Naxi civilization, it is the culture town of Lijiang, travelers may visit  the local embroidery school, the last Black Smith's working house and walk around at there.


Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila-Dukezong Old Town
Overnight in Shangrila
Duration: 7 hours roughly

It is around 2 hours driving to Tiger Leaping Gorge, then visit the deepest gorge in China which is around 3900 meters from the bottom to the mountain top.

Shangri-La County is a primarily Tibetan county in northwestern Yunnan province in China, and is the location of the seat of the Deqin Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.In the second half of the 20th century.

Dukezong Old Town, a 1300-year-old Tibetan town located in Shangri-La, which it has experienced both the flames of war and prosperity of frontier trade. Dukezong Old Town's authentic Tibetan dwellings, majestic prayer halls and pagodas, winding lanes offer sanctuary to all those seeking refuge from the bustle city.


Songzanlin Monastery-Putatso National PARK
Overnight in Shangrila
Duration: 6 hours roughly

Songzanlin Lama Temple: Also named Guihua Monastery, the temple is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Shangri-La of Yunnan province. It is one of the famous monasteries in the region, nicknamed as "the little Potala Palace", for the whole monastery is in the traditional style with mysterious atmosphere.

Potatso National Park consists of Baitahai, Shudu Lake and Militang Pasture. It is an inseparable part of the world natural heritage Three Parallel Rivers by UNESCO, it also serves as a natural reserve. Potatso Park has a well-preserved eco-environment, which has marsh, brooks, lakes, and springs. virgin forests, flora and rare fauna.


Napa lake -Tibentan family- Back to Lijiang
Duration: 6 hours roughly

 Napa Lake(Napahai Natural Reserve) is 3,270m above sea level and covers 660 square kilometers.It is both an ideal field for herdsmen and a paradise for many species of birds. We will hike for a while on the side of the lake and then visit a local Tibetan family to learn about their life and then drive another 2 hours to Lijiang and finish our 7 days tour.

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