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Lijiang Shangrila 8 days tour


Sep, 4th

Lijiang Arrival


Lijiang old town, Song City Romance Show
Hotel: Overnight in Lijiang

Welcome to Lijiang, the Kingdom of Naxi ethnic group! Upon arrival, your private driver will meet you at airport in Lijiang and escort you to your hotel. After check-in, you are free to explore Lijiang old Town which is famous in Chinese literature.

After the old town sightseeing, we can go to watch the Romance show, Song city. It is a very nice show to learn about the local culture and history, do not miss it.


Sep, 5th, Lijiang


Dongba cultural Museum, Black dragon pool, Lashi Lake horse riding. 

Hotel: overnight in Jinmao Hotel

Duration: 6 hours roughly

The black dragon pool was first built in 1732AD, the highlight of this place is the view of refelection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the lake.

Lashi lake the famous wetland in China, it played a very important role in the ancient tea horse road, travellers usually come here for horse riding, so as to experience the horse back life of the local minorities people.


Sep, 6th, Lijiang


Impression Lijiang show, Yoga activities in Jinmao Purelax Hotel
Hotel: Overnight in Lijiang
Duration: 6 hours roughly

Your private guide and personal driver will meet you in your hotel lobby and then drive you to Jinmao Purelax mountain hotel to have a Yoga activity, then show you to visit the show of Impression Lijiang.

It is directed by famouns and No. 1 directour, Zhang Yimou who directed 2 times olympics opening ceremony in Beijing. You can see around 500 men and women dancing togeather in the snow mountain. It is a window to learn about the locam ethenic groups.

After that, we take a shuttle bus to Blue Moon Valley, a amazing and beautiful place at the middle way of the snow mountain. At here, you can see many bule lakes and waterfalls, and the blue lake water is from the snow mountain glacier melts.


At about 5 pm, the driver will take you back to your hotel.


Sep 7th, Lijiang


Thousands turtles mountain, the first bend of Yangtze .

Hotel: Overnight in Lijiang.

Duration: 6 hours roughly

You will be picked up from your hotel in the early morning, and be transferred to the First Bend of the Yangtze River, where you can see fatanstic landscapes as well as important historical stories.

The thousands turtles mountain named after the turtles back shaped rocks on the top of the mountain, the whole mountain in red color, we can go up to the top with the cable car.


Sep, 8th, Lijiang-Shangrila


Tiger Leapng Gorge, White water terrace  

Hotel: overnight in Shangrila

It is the deepest gorge in the world, and it is 3900 meters depth from the river to the mountain top.

According to legend, the gods of the Naxi people used to creat the terraces in order to let the local Naxi people learn how to cultivate the farmland. Therefore, the descendants were praised as the "fairy people".


Sep, 9th, Shangrila


Songzanlin Monastery, Napa lake(Yila grassland) ,Putatso national park

Hotel: Overnight in Shangrila
Duration: 6 hours roughly

It is not only the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple complex in Yunnan, but also the center of the Yellow Sect in northwestern Yunnan, known as the "Little Potala Palace". 

 Yila grassland also call Napa Lake, which is a seasonal lake, it is full in summer times, and autumn it is a immense grassland, the grass grows with small flowers, and the sheep, cattle, and horses graze in groups, blending with the grasslands. The autumn grasslands are golden and the snow peaks are reflected in the lake. Get on a horse, and ride it by yourself, with the beautiful nature view, it will be a very nice trip.

Pudacuo National Park is an important part of the world's natural heritage, the park has beautiful scenery, a well-preserved ecological environment, quiet and clear mountain lakes, vast pastures, wetlands filled with flowers and lush virgin forests. 



Sep, 10th, Shangrila


Balagezong Grand Canyon

Hotel: Overnight in Shangrila
Duration: 8 hours roughly

Balagezong Grand Canyon offers breathtaking natural scenery. you can visit the deep canyon, the awe-inspiring snowy mountains. You can choose to kayak in the valley, or visit the primitive, photogenic ancient Tibetan villages. 

Sep, 11th 


Hotel: overnight in Jinmao, tour finish.




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