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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Published date: 2022-01-10


Overview:Located outside of the Lijiang Old Town, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is sacred to the Naxi Dongba Ethnid Minority Group. The mountain has 13 peaks with the highest being 5,600 feet tall and is 35 kilometers long.

Located outside of the Lijiang Old Town, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is sacred to the Naxi Dongba Ethnid Minority Group. The mountain has 13 peaks with the highest being 5,600 feet tall and is 35 kilometers long. It can be seen from the Lijiang Old Town, which is 15 kilometers away. The clouds and snow that cover the mountain most of the read appear like a jade dragon is lying amongst the clouds, giving the mountain its name.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the nearby Haba Snow Mountain has legends attached to them. According to this legend, there were two brothers who lived on the local river. One day an evil demon came and took over the area killing many locals. The two brothers fought the demon and eventually drove him off. During the battle, one of the twins, Haba, died and the other brother wore out 13 swords fighting the demon. The brother stood guard over the area, holding the 13 swords. He did this to prevent the demon from coming back. The brother and the remains of his brother Haba eventually turned into the Haba Mountain and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The brother’s 13 swords became the mountain’s 13 peaks.

The mountain has a huge diversity of flora and fauna. Over one fourth of all plant species, found in China, are on the mountain, including 30 species of animals which are under state protection. The plants and animals add to the beauty of the mountain and make it a wonderful experience.

Visitors taking China tours to the mountain can take cable-cars and electric touring vehicles to visit and view different parts of the mountain. The mountain is precipitous, picturesque, and peculiar, charming for some top tourist sights such as  Yunshan Ping (Spruce Meadow), Baishuihe (River of White Water), Heishuihe (River of Black Water), Ganhaizi (Dry Sea), Glacier Park (Serac Forest), and so on, to make the mountain a tourists' resort for sightseeing, exploration, mountaineering, skiing, scientific survey, or just holiday enjoyment.

Spruce Meadow

The vast Spruce Meadow is embraced by the virgin spruce forests. During each period between spring and summer the grassland is delightfully green and the flowers are pleasantly beautiful. From a distance, the Spruce Meadow looks like a jade green blanket in the ranges of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. According to the legends, the Spruce Meadow is the place where the first pair of lovers of Naxi nationality died of love. If you come here you can have the chance to witness the mighty thousand-year-old glacier on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the fantasticality and quietness of virgin forest and the amazing songs and dance of Naxi nationality.The Spruce Meadow has rope way for tourists, and its fee is included into the admission fee. 

River of White Water

The first impression the River of White Water (Baishuihe, Black Water River) leaves on travelers is the limpid water. The source of the river is the melting snow on the nearby mountain, and after undergoing a process of filtration on the nearby rocks, the water pours into the river a gorgeous clear color. Trees grow along either side of the riverbed while a little further away snow-capped peaks stand imposingly against the sky. It is possible to travel upriver either on foot or by horseback from here.

River of Black Water
This Black Water River is about 4km from the River of White Water. There are many black basalts in the riverbed, they make the water look black hence the name. Also you can walk or ride the horse along this beautiful river.

Dry Sea Meadow

Dry Sea was an ice erosion lake. However, over countless years the water in it decreased and finally disappeared. That's the reason people call it Dry Sea. Nowadays it is a beautiful meadow surrounded by mountains on three sides. When you are there you will feel that the field of vision is extremely vast. The whole is very quiet and serene. It seems that this is the Xanadu. The big and comfortable green grassland looks like a blanket, stretching itself into the great distance. During a particular time between every spring and summer various kinds of flowers are in blossom with a spirit of competition. At this time the whole area will become a sea of flowers.

Dry Sea lies in the eastern part of the Mt. Jade Dragon Snow. At the Dry Sea you can be assured of a panoramic view of the mountain because Dry Sea is the closest and best place to witness the beauty of Jade dragon Snow Mountain. In addition to the view, there are many kinds of convenience facilities and areas to rest for visitors.

Glacier Park
Located at the east side of the Snow Jade Dragon Mountain, the Glacier Park (Serac Forest) has diverse fantastic and grand glaciers range from the ancient to the modern times. The park sits in an elevation of 4506 m, 15-16km from south to north in length, and 4-5km from east to west in width. By cable cars, tourists can ascend the park.


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  • Admission: 100 Yuan/person
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