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Lijiang Shangrila 6 days tour

Published date: 2022-01-11


Day 1, Lijiang Arrival
 Welcome to Lijiang, the Garden of Eden! Clear the customs and retrieve your baggage by yourself upon arrival, be greeted by our driver in the Arrival Hall who is holding a sign on which says your name. A comfortable vehicle (non-smoking) with an experienced driver will transfer you directly to Banyan Tree Ringha. Your driver will help you check in. The rest of the day is on your own to discover this earthly paradise.
 Day 2, Lijiang Old Town Tour
 Lijiang Old Town is an intact ancient city inhabited mostly by Naxi ethnic people and covers and area of 3.8 square kilometers. It was listed to the world cultural heritage site on 1997. The Lijiang Old Town tour offers a quick experience of the Naxi culture, customs, architectural arts and history.
 Travel Schedule
 9:00 Depart from your hotel.
 09:15 Visit the Dongba cultural museum.
 10:00 Car transfer to Lijiang Old Town
 10:10 Walking around in Lijiang Old Town for sightseeing.
 12:00 Enjoy a Pu'er Tea break, learn about the ancient tea horse road history and stories.
 13:00 Back to hotel.  
 Day 3, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Spruce Meadow Tour
Tour Description:
Spruce Meadow is 3205 meters high and this tour is very suitable for the people who have the altitude stress.
 The Spruce Meadow, also named 'Splendid Vale', the Spruce Plateau is a large meadow hiding behind a primeval forest. It lies at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and is encircled by lofty spruces. An excellent environment makes it just fairies' bower. The local Naxi people call it "The Jade Dragon third kingdom", take it as the paradise.
The plateau is regarded by the Naxi people as an entrance to the heaven that is rooted in their hearts. It is a place where people can love, and be together freely. 
 You can see beautiful lassies who wear colorful clothes singing and dancing on the plateau or in forest. They are lassies from Naxi Minority and Yi Minority. The clothes they wear are rife with ethnic features and you can take photos with them. You might also enjoy dancing with them hand in hand.
 Baisha Old Town has a history around 1000 years and it is the world cultural heritage site now, tourists can vist the embroidery scholl, learn about the embroidery culture; visit the Black Smith working house, exprience this skill and visit the old architectures.
Baisha Old Town
Baisha Embroidery skills and works
Travel Schedule:
 09:00 Depart to snow mountain.
 09:40 Arrive at the Ganhaizi Meadow, enjoy the panoramic view of the Snow Mountain.
 10:00 Get on the shuttle bus which take us to the cable car station in 15 minutes.
 10:20 Arrive at the cable car station and get on the cable car to the Spruce Meadow.
 10:30 Walk through the premitive forest in 20 minutes then arrive at the Spruce Meadow. Then walking around the meadow and enjoy  the panaroma view of the  Jade Dragon Mountain.
 11:30 Return to the Parking lot and take the Public bus to the Blue Moon Valley.
 11:40 Hike around the Blue Moon Valley.
 12:30 Take the shuttle bus to Snow Kitchen Restaurant for lunch  
13:00 Having lunch in Snow Kitchen Restaurant.
 14:00 Drive to Baisha Old Town, visit Baisha Embroidery School and experience the history, culture of this village and visit some local hand-crafts.
16:30 Back to hotel.
 It is around 1 kilometers from upper cable car station to Spruce meadow, there are 2 options for guests to be there.
 1st one: Walking to Spruce Meadow by the wooden trail  which takes round 30 minutes.
 2nd one: Take a buggy to be there, the buggy fee of Spruce Meadow and Blue Moon Valley is exclues in tour pacakge and it will be on guests own account.
What to bring: Camera, hat, sunscreen, comfortable clothing & some money to purchase any memorable items.
 Quotation: 780CNY per person
 Apr 4, Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Songzanlin Monastery-Shangrila
Enjoying yourselves with the sightseeing of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, alpine meadows, Tibetan Songzanlin Monastery and Tibetan Dukezong Old Town, which provides you a real experience of Shangri-la.
Travel Schedule
08:00 Leave to Shangrila.
 10:00 Arrive at the Tiger Leaping Gorge, walking around at there, enjoy the beautiful view of the upper
 11:00 Finish the Tiger Leaping Gorge sightseeing and continue driving to Shangri-la.
 12:30 Stopover at Xiaozongdian meadow, enjoy the views of flowers, grassland, Tibetan houses and yaks.
          Then drive to Shangri-la city.
13:30 Arrive at Shangri-la city, Tibetan style lunch arranged with the butter tea, steamed bread and yak
          meat hot pot.
14:30 Visit Songzanlin Monastery, learn about the Tibetan religion culture and customs.
16:30 Finish the whole tour and drive to Banyan Tree Ringha.
Day 5, Putatso National Park and Dukezong Old Town Tour
 Travel Schedule:
 08:00 Depart to Putatso National Park.
 08:30 Arrive at Putatso National Park, take a shuttle bus to Shudu Lake.
 09:00 2 hours hiking with the plank path of the Shudu Lake.
 11:30 Finish Putatson National Park tour, and drive 40 minutes to Dukezong Old Town
 12:30 Having Tibetan Lunch in Dukezong old town, an ancient town known for its traditional Tibetan dwellings with the world's largest Tibetan prayer wheel, and then walking around there and experience this "moonlight old town"
 15:30 Drive to Banyan Tree Ringha
 Today is full day to explore the earthly paradise described in the famous novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. We will visit the Putatso National Park, Dukezong Old Town.
 In the morning, drive to the first national park in China - Pudacuo National Park which is mainly comprised of Shudu Lake, Militang Grassland, Bita Lake. Shudu Lake is a famous pasture, herds of yak and goat grazing beside the lake. Militang Grassland is located between Shudu Lake and Bita Lake with lush grass in meadow. Bitahai Lake, regarded as a pearl of the Plateau, is an intact natural attraction with outstanding landscapes.
Visit the spots by clockwise and throw yourselves into the lush green forest with diverse species of flora and fauna, walk along the plank road to catch the gorgeous scenery of Shudu Lake (hike 3.3 km, about 1 hr) , stand at the viewing spot to enjoy the lake and froest view to the horizon and seek for a real paradise in this natural wonderland. (Note: the altitude of Pudacuo is at 3500m-4150m and you should avoid strong activities. There’s no problem to hike in the park.)
 After sightseeing in Putatso National Park, we will drive 40 minutes to Dukezong Old Town for lunch.
After lunch, we will visit Dukezong Old Town with 1300-year-old history. Climb up to the top of Guishan Hill (or Tortoise Hill) to have a panoramic view of the old town and Shangri-La County and join in the tourists to turn the largest Prayer Wheel in the world. (Please note: In Jan.2014, a huge fire broke out destroying most of the town. Now you could visit the area around Guishan Hill.
We will have a typical Tibetan Lunch in this Old Town and visit a typical Tibetan Old Town at there.
Day 6, Shangrila Airport drop off
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